If you are a Muslim, then there is always a bigger picture!!!

Some are clubbing…..
Others are obsessed with the fashion trends…..
Some make a cyber friend feel more important than their own parents…..
Kids are instagraming whilst teens update the statuses across Facebook…
Adults engrossed in the worldly activity, directing all their energies to earning that extra penny…..
Some elderly souls occupy themselves with news paper on the horse riding page whilst watching the horses on T.V … Hoping they will Win another million…….

All pursuits are only and solely for this wordly life……

No concern of the aakheera!!!
Seems like something far fetched even for those in the 70’s, you hear them say ” I’m very young at heart”
Reality their iman is many a time still pre mature, because you never let your iman grow with your age, or should we say you never care about the health of your iman…
All focus on this dunya, making a better place in this earthly abode….

I know life insurance is Haraam but I need it now, when we on our way financially I will cancel”
This is what iv heard many a business man say.
Yaqeen that Allah is the sole provider hasn’t set in.
The bird leaves it’s nest in the morning knowing fully well Allah will provide for it.
Yet insaan still banks on all his own plans, never has this conviction that Allah is the best if planners.

Let us just STOP!!!!!!!

And take time to think-
That perhaps I will never even see the next hour minute or day, then what will happen ?

Allahs plan will prevail, yes do your small calculations, but ultimately hand over your matters to Allah.


Shift focus away from this dunya, make your goal Akheerah,
Rabia basriya was asked ” what do desire most ?”
She replied ” I don’t desire jannah or riches or boons, I desire only the pleasure of Allah that’s all”

Retirement policies…..
Medical aid…….
Credit safe…….
Why ……why…… Why????

We not talking halaal and Haraam, just trusting Allah?

When you meet up in an accident what is the first question, people who’s default setting is “dunya” ask??

Where as if the slave of Allah had no insurance, guaranteed the first thing he would have done is hit the musallah and cried to Allah !!!

Read Surah Waqiah daily !!!! Allah and his rasools guarantee is there, you not your progeny will need a retirement policy.

Sahabah never put these policies in place before reading surah Waqiah!!!!

They took it logically and trusted the words of the Nabi and succeeded.

Problem is that we lack conviction, that Yaqeen. Is gone and lost.

Come back oh my beloved brother!!!!
Oh my beloved sister !!!!!!
اهدن الصراة المستقيم

May Allah guide one and all Ameen



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