Twisted ….

In the driveway he opens his dash compartment, takes out his surma and applies it to his eyes, sprays abit of dunhill desire perfume and makes sure he’s looking ok….

Opens the front door ….
“Honey … Salaams I’m home” , he said
” Wslm dear how was your day?” She says taking his coat and brief case.

She wore the most stunning flare skirt it was bright blue with a white top and a white and blue dupatta
Eyeliner and his favorite scent.

“You look so stunning babe” he says with a smirk on his blushy face

After hug and peck on the cheek. She holds his hand and directs him to the table, the most delicious meal awaits him, he’s favourite leg of lamp and potato wedges.

Months pass on in this manner, the dust of infatuation begins to set and reality begins to show its self.
Complacency creeps in and soon other things more then each other seem more attractive. Eventually when either of the two realise how far they have drifted apart, it seems alittle too late, but every spouse should remember that, Allah approved of your bond and if you believe in the decision of Allah, he will ease your affairs.

Why make shaitan happy, why give him the upper hand ? Never loose hope work hard on your relationship and Allah will bring you back to the inseparable point al over.
When other things like our phones and friends and weekends out was given more preference than our spouses then resentment will creep in.

You will still love her but her heart will feel apsolutely nothing for you.
Therefore STOP ……
Paddle a few steps back, take not of where you went wrong and try and correct it.

Many a couple hit rock bottom in their relationships but they don’t give up, but rather work at it and pick themselves up and make it work.

don’t try to understand her!!! Just listen to her!!!! And love her!!!!

The greatest gift spouses can give each other is TIME, it’s like you’ve given part of your life to your beloved which can never be taken back.



May Allah bless every union and make every spouse appreciate their partners and love them unconditionally. Ameen



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