A blessed day …..

I entered through the doors, the fragnance of oud hit at once,
I chose to sit in the corner of the mosque, idle, and just gazing at the other musallis.
For me at that time it was just a salaah, what’s the big deal.
I looked around the mosque and took note of a few hideous fashion trends, I laughed deep inside.

Yellow secret socks, skinny jeans, how on earth can a guy even wear that, it’s so gay. I thought,

Guy infront of me making sajdah and trying very hard to conceal his exposed crack. I laughed again, this time with a little sound. A man sitting on the chair turned around and gave me a jahanammi look. That’s the look when his almost certain you’ve commited an act that could send you to hell fire.

I noticed an old man enter the mosque he was clad in the most beautiful white thoube, he wore surma in his eyes, I’m pretty sure he was drenched on the atar namely, janatul firdous that really strong India atar that would bring a dead man back to life.
He made sure he took his chair to the front row, greeted everyone in his path with the brightest smile- my cartoon mind immediately imagined miswaak written on his teeth, lol.

Back to reality….

I began to ponder on this observation, for years this man is probably carring out this practice on every Jumuah.

I jogged my memory back to the days of madrasah, when we wear taught of the magnitude of this auspicious day of jumuah. I then realized it was better than the two eids, more merit reaped from jumuah than on eid.

I was sorrowful for have had treated it so lightly, I repented and made a firm resolve to take more benefit out of this day.

May Allah bless that old man for buy his outward display of pointing out the magnitude of jumua I was able to realise it. Sadaqa e jaariya for him untill I practice and pass on.

So all the readers, let’s try and adhere to all the sunnan of the day of jumua and try to make ourselves better people insha Allah, you practice, that old man continues to et reward insha Allah.

Jumua Mubarak



5 thoughts on “A blessed day …..

  1. Slm. Alhumdulillah, I made Duas for you & Ur family at many different occasions and places. May Allah accept and take us all again.
    You haven’t posted anything 😦
    Inshaallah will be posting about my Umrah trip as soon as I feel better. Duas. Slm

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