The ripple effect part 1

Yusuf was raised in a very strict Islamic home, where nothing unislamic was tolerated. He was the youngest of the siblings.
Known for his mischievous traits, he was always watched very closely by his parents and older siblings.
He was known to be the ever smiling type but also known to be the ring leader in causing mischief together with he’s equally mischievous friends, this was when when he was still very young, as you would say, ” still wet behind his ears”

Yusuf’s life and what he was going to do and become was already penned out by his dad, probably before he was even born. Just like the other siblings.

Growing up in a small town wasn’t the easiest thing for him as the peer pressure was much more, and because he hailed from a home which could be termed as less fortunate, things seemed a lot harder.

He grew up to be a handsome lad, but having his strict dad by side was always a downfall for him, and so he thought back then.
If his hair grew alittle long, barely enabling him to groom it, it was shaved off before he could even pick up the comb.

He’s childhood was one of tension, low grades, peer pressure, taxing upbringing etc….
But be as it may he managed to pull through.

I sat infront of Yusuf as he started relating his tale, he mentioned that everything before grade 6 was vague, but everything thereafter was still in HD (high definition) before his eyes

I told him to take his time as tomorrow is another day,

4 January 1998
“I entered the gates of an institution totally new to me, I wore a white shirt and grey pants, I had a number two hair cut, my nap sack was maroon, I had written my name in “tip ex” on the front.

I looked around saw many strange faces, I felt odd and uncomfortable in the shirt and pants because all I was used to was thoube and topi,
I kept feeling my head and searching frantically for my topi, and then realizing it’s at home. Having attended a muslim school prior to that, explained the overwhelming nature I had.

I was put in a class of 40 majority black, a handful of whites and 3 Indians including me.

I sat next to Megan De Serra, a beautiful blue eyed white girl. Who addressed me as ” curry muncher”
I took offence but said nothing.

School was always a challenge for me, I hated it, found it hard to perform and almost never succeeded, I loved it for the fun and games.
I was a charmer in the ladies department and always attracted the most beautiful girls of the school, it always upset fellow Indian boys, but Atleast it was something that boosted my self esteem.

Teaches loved me for some odd reason although I was not the best performer in the grade.

I somehow enjoyed my new school as it was very different to what I was used to, it broadened my horizons, which I was greatful for.

The first year was tough for me and I failed the year and so I had to repeat that year, I could have made it but my eye fell on a beautiful damsel 😍 in the grade lower,
And remember when you want to commit sin SHAITAAN makes all the plans and gives you all the ideas.

She was petite, beautiful and down to earth, for me it was just a trophy girl.
I played my cards right and soon it was the talk of the school and the gossip girls back home that Yusuf and Hajira are dating. Feeling very accomplished at getting the best catch, and obviously to be remembered and stay on top of the game you have to be productive and come up with all new ideas.

Year end and final examinations were drawing close, and being a primary school if I had to pass I would be out of school and my dads plan would begin to follow.
I purposely answered incorrectly in most of the major papers during examinations thus allowing me to flop the examination and having to repeat the grade, and if you haven’t guessed it already……..
Yes hajira would have passed her grade and be united with me for yet another year because I was repeating the same grade. BRILLIANT!!!

Master plan you might be thinking?
I’m not mentioning all this to boost my ego, but rather to point out the Ripple effect of sin,

I usher Yusuf to go on and he always gets carried away in the finer details, he however mentions it’s a wrap for today and he will continue tomorrow.

Untill tomorrow




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