The ripple effect part 2

the big smile and reddish cheeks could make anyone think. Yusuf was having a brilliant life and living his dream, but a closer look would tell the truth of a thousand frowns behind the smile. He asked me if if like to have some tea, to which I declined, saying I’ll take a sweet instead.

He continues…….

Hajira and I were the perfect pair, puppy love and all joke it seems now, but back then it was all I lived for.

School days had passed rapidly and it was time for farewell, whilst all made it priority to look good at the farewell, I was thinking up an idea of how to get there, as obviously his dad would not allow.

I didn’t even posses a suit or any nice western clothing. Naeem shared the same grade as me and was a quite youngster, and was often te victim of my bullying, I coaxed him into bringing me his best suit for the farewell as I was going to honour him and be his back up in high school, little did he know I was not even going to attend senior school.

Naeem was the life saver in the clothing department and the excuse of going for tableegh Jamaat secured my spot at the farewell, I was on top on of my world I had it all sorted.

I lied to my parents making them believe I was going to some good act of deen, whilst they believed me. Only Allah knew the truth. I lied to them but the ripple effect still lingers on today, you will understand later on

The night was one of joy and laughter, I had the time of my life, even won the best dance competition with the price money of R500 which was a lot for a 13 year old. It was at this point that I started liking Indian music, RIPPLE EFFECT

I used to tune into Radio Lotus every night on my Walkman and keep the earphones in my ears, they played all the jams of that time, Mohra was the movie of the time, whilst

dilwale duhaniya le jayenge

still remained the all time favourite.

Yusuf starts humming the tune to himself and asks me if I know the words, at this point I clear my throat and ask him to stay on track, he apologizes and goes on

I remember clearly on my trip few years ago to the Middle East, it was the month of ramadaan and it was approximately 5 years that I have given up listening to bollywood music, I was asked to perform taraweeh for that night, I accepted.

The night was young and cool, the mehraab of the masjid had windows which stayed wide open, I really enjoyed the mic system as it felt like I was reading in a sound studio, enjoying my reading and suddenly a taxi passed outside the mosque with very loud bollywood tunes I recalled the song, the movie, the actor as well as the backstage singer almost instantly, despite having listened to the song in almost 5 years…. RIPPLE EFFECT

I sincerely prayed to Allah that night in tahajjud salaah and Shukr to Allah that effect has managed to leave me,

at this point Yusuf is tearing and says “May Allah protect us all”

insha Allah we will carry on tomorrow he says to me without waiting for my acknowledgement!!

Untill tomorrow

Fee amaanillah



2 thoughts on “The ripple effect part 2

  1. Like you said: your spelling needs ICU and your vocab needs high care, yes indeed, but I have to say you have the art of captivating the reader, almost like we there while the tale is told- keep it up Ali Ismail Jogie – you have my household hooked

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