The ripple effect part 3

music creates hypocrisy in the heart


I grab my writting pad and bic pen and make myself comfortable in the office of Yusuf, prior to his arrival, I gaze around, it’s neat and tidy- the Quran is placed on his table as if it had just been read, the aroma of dahnal Oudh envelopes the room

Yusuf: Assalamu Alaikum …..

Myself: Wasalaam-

” my Love for oriental exclusive fragnance knows no bounds, they speak volumes of a mans stature” says Yusuf

But you see, wearing expensive fragrances in the quest of status and respect is incorrect and you will never find it, if you do it will not last very long, wear your exclusive oudhs and ambers because it was the practice of nabi Saw, then izzah and stature will come running behind you.

Ok let’s get on with it….

After school, my life was penned, I knew what I was going to be doing for the next 5 years atleast.

I was enrolled in one of the finest institutions of Islamic learning, as my dad always wanted us to excel in deeni matters.

My love for the Quran had always been there, I read at various weddings and madrasa prize givings. But now I was going to have to complete my hifZ at this institution.

I took to it immediately and enjoyed every second of it, I completed my hifZ on approx. one year 6months.
And that’s pretty good huh ??!!

I was like, WOW. At this point as my hifZ took my 3 years

After my hifZ, I wanted to learn so Arabic grammer and few basic kitaabs, which i did.
Coming close to 17 I wanted to make a change in life and pursue something’s a lot more diffrent.

I left the institution after a good 7 years….

I was now out in the big wide wild world, all seemed so new to me, as I had spend most of my previous years in “captivation” πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I guess you can’t say that, but something like that.

I began putting my feelers out for employment, it was a tough battle.

It made me realise what my parent went through to secure a good job for themselves and then we would just come up and demand things as if it was so easy.

Yet they provided it for us. I managed to get employment at a local marketing company which paid a very small salary at the on set but soon grew fruit full.

Time had passed, my dad had by now trusted me fully and I was given a house key and allowed to purchase a cellphone. NOKIA 3310 no sorry that one I had stillijkies in madrasah.

Nokia n71 it was- I had eventually saved up enought cash to buy myself a nice small car.

My week was pretty boring, but from Friday nights things got exciting.
I played indoor soccer on Friday nights at a prominent club in Johannesburg.
Saturdays we’re spend with close buddies, and sunday mornings were our league soccer matches.

This was basically my routine,

2006/03/03 a Friday evening at the indoor grounds was when my life took a whole diffrent turn.
It was a nice game and we were in the lead in terms of goals, I played hard and decided to take a break so I signaled Aslam to take my place.
I hurried out of the court and my hand accidently knocked something that felt like phone out of someone’s hand,

I tuuuuuuuuurrrrnnnnned tooo looookkk, our eyyyyes met and pyar ho Gaya we fell in love …… Hahahahha no I’m kidding, this ain’t a bollywood movie.

“What’s your damn problem” she screamed
“Shut your face ninja” I said handing her, her battery and phone and whatever had been there on the floor.

People around mumbled some words against my behavior.
I couldn’t care less, she wore a purdah so I had this thing that she shouldn’t even be here in the 1st place.


I excuse myself silently from the office as I know he’s going to get more emotional if I stick around

So untill tomorrow guys…….



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