The ripple effect part 4

I came across a beautiful picture message today which I will share with you,


the above picture message is so true, isn’t?? I thought I’ll share that with you whilst I await Yusuf’s arrival, we meet today at the “Mugg and Bean coffee shop” in Killlarney Mall, I could walk this mall in my sleep, that’s how well I know it, I chose a table over looking the Cinema area, for those of you that have noticed, Killarney Mall plays bollywood movies, so rest assured it looks no less than FORDSBURG square on a block buster night, whilst waiting I take note of all the hijaab trends and new innovations, I say nothing but smile at myself, as it will be a never ending argument.

Before I go on, if like to add on to the picture message I’ve added above, our beloved Nabi SAW made mention that : ” a Muslim is a mirror unto his fellow brother”

Just as a mirror points out your beautiful features it also highlights the ugly zit on your nose, but the beautiful quality of the mirror is that it doesn’t not make an announcement about your zit, it only shows you and that’s it, we insaan can also learn this from the mirror it will make the world a much better place insha Allah,

Yusuf is coming up the escalator, wearing a bright white collarless thoube and huge turban, his zulfa is super strait, miswaak very visible in his top pocket, I even joke with him saying ” just watch your miswaak doesn’t break the malls chandeliers lol 😜 he laughs and

We exchange salaams and brotherly hugs and we continue…..

Yusuf :

“Bro what’s with the attitude? You hit her phone down, Atleast apologise and be polite” say Waseem

I refuse and continue with some more offensive rants, she begins to ignore me and starts assembling her phone.
I sip on my ice cold powerade drink and concentrate on our thus far victorious game.

That was it….

The next Friday was indoor ball again just like routine.
During that week I did abit of my own research on purdah etc, and soon learnt it to be a lot more indepth and beautiful teaching rather than what my puny understanding of it was.

Regret stepped in about what I told that veiled girl, but my ego was much more than the regret and decided to do nothing about it.
Walking from the car park of the indoor ground toward the courts having a round of jokes with Waseem, my eyes fall on the same veiled girl, my words to Waseem were
“The bitch is back”!!!!
Shouted Waseem

Just ignore and forget,
I still press my point that she should be in madrasah or at home or probably married by now, why the hell is she here at our game.

I was to be substitute for the first half if the game so that left me sitting on the stands, shared by te mysterious purdah girl.
I sat down and start playing with my phone ( every youngsters escape in an awkward moment)

“sorry about last week, I was in your way and caused you to get upset” a voice says

Oh !!! You talking to me

” yeah it’s about time you little turd, what the hell are you doing here in the first place, it must be ugly having to smell you breath under that thing all day, why not take off and be like a normal girl” was what I was telling her in my head.

” it’s cool ! ” is what I actually said

That was it, I was on the field and my moment of pride had started, soccer was my life I played it with pride, and I was damn good at it also.

I signal Yusuf to drink his coffee as it’s getting cold, and ask him can I take you out to a movie lol, he laughs and starts singing “tujhe Dekha to yeh jaana sanam ”

we have a good laugh and leave the coffee shop as it is almost salaah time.

Untill next time…… WASALAAM



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