How can you forget?????

The world opposed her, yet she stood her ground!!!

Family friends mocked them, yet she did not waiver.

She loved him for Allahs pleasure therefore she was a rock in her time of dilemma.

Eventually the family gave in and with clean hearts laid out the carpet for her marriage.

She was the happiest person, despite the world around her having their reservations.
She toiled and sacrificed through thick and thin, for verily she knew Allah was by her side.

Her mother gave her a motherly shoulder of support and a fatherly embrace, as that too was now her duty. As Allah had taken her father away in her adolescent years leaving her broken and lonely, yet she picked up the pieces and moved on.

She stood proud with smiles hiding 1000 sorrows, being his pillar of strength, for verily the driving factor was love.

Many years later a second strength raised from within her blessed with a child which just proved to the world her love was not fake- and it reinforced the bond of love between them.

Years down the line she witnesses something that was lava on her nerves of steel and a crusher to the tender heart.

We crossed the seas of pain together despite our raft being faulty, we climbed the mountains of tribulation together despite our chain being rusted,

Life’s challengers are many because it’s life in this earthy abode, only life in heaven is free from challengers.

The invitations of shaitan are many, it’s takes MAN to combat them and cast them aside.

A tip of advice I received from a friend, he said ” keep a picture of your spouse in your wallet, a picture of when she or he was their happiest and gaze upon it everytime SHAITAAN throws an invitation to do wrong towards you.

May Allah bless every marriage and make us realise the seriousness of the bond we have entered into. Ameen

May Allah always protect us from the whispers of shaytaan.



4 thoughts on “How can you forget?????

  1. Salam… jee may Allah bless every marriage, also may Allah instill correct mutual understanding between each other and May Allah continue to strengthen the bond and lover and make it like the love of nabi saw & Aisha RA. Allah alleviate all the difficulties in marriages. Aameen. Duas Wslm

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