I didn’t want to grow up!!!

It was bright yellow, I used to make sure it was always clean.
It went with me wherever I went.
Yes !! And mom hated it…..

Ali this silly top of yours is everywhere put it away

I learnt from dad how to spin it, he mastered it and so did I, the next day at school my biggest fear wasn’t that I hadn’t done Appa Amina Petkars homework, or Appa Rahimeens history assignment. No… No….
It was loosing a bout of spinning my glorious top to Ridwan Hajee or Fayaadh Khan.

And besides this hobby … Wait not hobby … Besides this game that was the most important part of my life, soccer also played a big part. Later on I learnt they just hobbies that would never be part or as Important in my life ever again.

We were innocent in our approach to life, we loved wholeheartedly. We fought but made up quickly. Life was simple.

Yet we thought how awesome it must be to be an adult, you can drive a car. Watch awesome action movies, stay up till late or pull an all nighter with no one saying nothing, fall in love, and the list was endless.

But as we grew up and all these tabs on the adult list started falling into place, the novelty wore of real quick and soon it was just a chore.

Life’s lemons were way more in te adult basket than sweet strawberries
Why !!!! Oh why!!!!!!
Little did you think that the thought of dying would be a better option than living an adult life. Just the thought that ” if I died, all my trials and tribulation will end in an instant”

Wow sounds real awesome !!!!!!
When did wanting to be an adult so desperately, change to wanting to be child and when you realised you can’t be a child again, it changed to wanting to be dead. Has life become so crap???? How did it all change ????? When did it all change ???!??

Do you feel like that????

But wait there’s life after death!!!!
And it can be way scarier than the life you lived above the ground….

1 day of the hereafter is a 1000 years of this dunya !!!!
You’ll have to answer about everything , not only big things but the smalles minute things aswell.

Huququllah: you have to answer why didn’t you carry out the rights of Allah, salaah, zakaat, hajj, saum, tauheed….

But wait …. That can be forgiven by Allah. The scary part is next.

Rights of people…..
Did you pay that person his dues?????
Did you over work your domestic????
Did you pay them on time????
Did you fulfill the rights of your mom????
Did you see to every need of your wife it wives????
Did you see that your neighbors have food???
Did you give te domestic food that you also ate ????


That questioning comes afterwards, on the plains of reckoning….
In the grave prior to qiyamah ya rabb!!!! The. Thought of it makes me wanna perish.

Yes something life’s lemons are sour, unbearable ….. But you have iman.

You have Allah
You have kids that’s hearts are clean.

I gaze at my wife and kids and it fills my heart up with much happiness.
Stop gazing at your fake world in that small screen and look at the real world before your very eyes.

May Allah grant us all toufeeq to practice on what has been said.


Have a splendid jumuah insha Allah.

Remember me in your duas


Ali Ismail jogie




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