Don’t write them off!!

Mohammed asked : ” Moulana ( btw I’m not a Moulana) can I take up photography of wildlife as a profession??”

I said : ” yes Mohammed you may”

He was astonished and said ” like seriously”

I replied in the affirmative.

Mohamed insisted I explain myself.

Before I do that, let me draw a picture for you.

Mohamed asked this question to many a cleric, some got angry on him and said, ” become an Aalim focus on your studies”
Others just blatantly said no with no explanation.

When Mohammed grows up and finds himself in a dilemma, will he contact any of those clerics in search of advice??

When he has he’s own kids and faces a dead end in regards to dealing with their adolescent questions, will he contact any of those clerics?

I doubt it very strongly

Ask a non Muslim for advice ???
Google it?????

Because he has lost faith in his own leaders, because everything he asked he was shot down, or judged or questioned as to why he asked such a question whilst being a muslim.

So this is what I told Mohammed.

” I said Mohammed. ” firstly you need to draw a line and create a boundary for yourself and be sure never to cross that boundary”

I then posed a question to him.
Mohammed. ” you and I ad your wife are standing on the pier, your wife leans over and falls down, you are thrown into panic as you cannot swim, I dive and rescue your wife, will you be angry at me for touching your wife in places of her body due to rescuing her?
Mohammed’s answer was, no…
But rather you will be happy that I saved your wife isn’t???

The ummah is currently drowning they need rescuers, we cannot sit back and say they going in the wrong direction we warned them so let it be, no no dive in and save them.

I then answered his question about nature photography and wildlife.

Mohammed if I take a bbeautiful picture of a very beautiful girl and show it to you what would you do?

” id get shy, probably” he replied

Will you say mash Allah? And keep on staring ??
And then subhallah ????

Will these praises of Allah on seeing this picture be justified?

No!!! Moulana….. He said

Why ??? I asked

” because it’s a picture of a girl and it’s Haraam to look at women, so looking at them and praising Allah would be a grave sin” he said

Allah has placed no limitation at gazing at nature and animals, even the swine, even though we can’t eat it, we can look at it.

So by taking brilliant pictures of these animals and if some other Muslim sees it and it’s a means of him saying ” SUBHANALLAH !!! Then you have done great.

I adviced him to take up another profession and do wildlife photography as a hobby. Mohammed was most delighted and left.

Had I adviced him against it, or on any other ambitions he might have had, I’m sure I would have lost him totally.
Depression could have kicked in and he could have resorted to something else which was more Haraam.

Therefore DONT WRITE THEM OFF!!!!! That is the youth, they are our leaders for the future.

Please keep in mind that it is totally Haraam to capture draw or engrave pictures of any animate objects, in no way do we says it’s permissible.
Therefore iv asked Mohamed to take up another profession and do photography of nature as a hobby.

Saving a Muslim from a greater wrong and later on guiding him with the help of Allah is of essence rather than loosing him from the very start.

May Allah guide us all insha Allah


Photo credit: Mohammed


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