Be strong and carry on…..

Ayub A.S was left all alone by his people, he was sent out of town, no one wanted to have anything to do with him. 

His wife Rahmah AS  stood by his side, he had such a sickness that worms came out of his body creating painful wounds, if a worm fell out of a wound he picked it up and put it back, saying ” it’s sustainebce is written in my wound”

Imagine !!!!! 

The follow up to the time Ebrahim AS was about to be catapult into the fire, how he must have felt!!! The fear within him at that time???

Our beloved Nabi SAW when he visited Taif to call them to deen, knowing full well very few people believed in him at that time. Then he was pelted, untold suffering, he rested in the garden of a sahabi. That was the saddest day ever witnessed, the skies cried, the malaika cried, jibreel AS cried!!!! Malaaika just anxiously waiting for Allah’s command.

They descended from the heavens ” ya Nabi Allah ” we are at your command” 

Make biddua for them!!!! 

What did he SAW say???

“Leave them maybe if they don’t accept, their progeny will”

Every Nabi was tested in ways we cannot imagine.

So if Allah tests us very lightly don’t loose hope. Allah tests those that are beloved to him. So know that Allah loves you.

He will not give you more than you can handle.

Be strong and carry on…….

May Allah ease the situations of those that are being tested and grant them closeness to Allah through it. Ameen  



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