Thank you scary much!!!! Part 1

We were so close, Dad, Mom and I.

To me it seemed like we had the perfect family and the perfect life. I often heard dull screams and crying coming from moms room, but always brushed it off.

When I was 15, mom and dad told me they were parting ways, I thought it was another hide and seek game they were playing like we used to. Until I caught a glimpse of a suitcase in the corner of the hall way. Dad left that night.ive never seen him again.

I was totally sad, broken and angry. I cried myself off to sleep for aslong as I can remember thereafter. My grades at school started dropping. Mom was just as devistated, so really we couldn’t do much for each other.

As time passes on, the unanswered questions just increased and the hatred for the male species also escalated.

I took to weed and other forms of pacifiers, the satisfaction was minimum. Nothing seemed to be going right. 

A good few years had lapsed and before I knew it I had graduated as a lawyer and was taken in by a very prominent law firm. They specialised in criminal and commercial law.

I was never a spiritual person and never thought much about religion. Nontheless I took my job very seriously and strived hard, because the only satisfaction I was getting now was from my money. Also drugs occasionally help me drown my sorrows.

I was working on the criminal cases, which just saddened me even more because many of the cases were domestic violence which I was kinda a victim of back in the day.

And then……..

“Excuse me Ma’am” a being called out behind me whilst I was at the coffee vending machine.

I turned around and there was this tall nicely built man with a huge beard a white dress and an awesome smile.

“Yes” I replied 

At this point my mind was racing, ” bin laden, terrorist, womanizer, oppressors, extremists”

” you dropped this” he said, handing me a 1000 dollars which had fallen from my pocket when I took out my tissue.

Before I could say thank you he was gone. I thought it though. 

“Thank you scary much, Mr Bin Laden”

Then I started a whole documentary in my head about these muslim wolves. Well that’s what I thought at that time,

Ruthless, evil, dictators, but amazingly good looking.

The following Tuesday I was at a florist to buy flowers for mom. I then heard a man arguing. He had a middle eastern accent, so muslim like.

” I wanted 12 black roses and 12 red ones” he argued

I was in a state of confusion, 

“He’s probably going to shoot someone through the rose” I thought

“Please lady it’s very important, you give me my correct order because it’s for my wife” he said

“Wow !!!!! Really” I thought

The florist apologized and put together his order, as I came around the gondola, I noticed it was the same bin laden from work.

The moment he set eyes on me, he’s face lite up.

“Don’t drop so much money next time, all Muslims are not so honest” 

“Islam teaches honesty but all Muslims ain’t so honest”

“I fear God, you safe with me” he said whilst picking up his bags and leaving.

ISLAM TEACHES HONESTY!!!!! These words rung in my head.

He was kind to me 

He was honest

He bought flowers for his wife, so he displayed love.

It doesn’t add up.

I brushed it aside and went on with life.
Until tomorrow Wslm …… 



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