Thank you scary much!!!!! part 2

my friend Janet called the next day,

” girl hope you ready? this weekend we going to party really hard, we have not done it in a long time” she scream

” its only wednesday relax” i told her.

work has been hectic as we were dealing with a case where this guy killed his girl friend to capitalize on a huge life insurance, but he got caught out before he could receive the payment, i had sleepless nights and long lasting headaches  because of this case, because he needed the payment so we basically had to lie for him to get him his 10 million payout, i worked extra hard on this one because i knew i was going to get paid huge.

i gathered my things and headed off to court, it was a long tiring day. i just couldn’t wait to get home and put my feet up. i got to my car and drove out of the multi story parking, listening to the most soothing tunes on my stereo. as i climbed the freeway, i felt my car wobble abit, i was concerned so i pulled aside, climbed out and noticed i had a flat tyre. i was devastated, i had never changed a tyre before, it was an icy evening, i wanted to cry, well i think at one point i was sobbing having no idea what to do. I scratched through my handbag looking for my phone, i was relieved to have found it, saddened that it was on 6%, angry i still tried to call Janet,realizing it had just died on my i once again was reduced to a sob. My charging point in the car was faulty, you don’t blame me it was 2004 Toyota Prius, i was into that whole environmental, green awareness crap.

i tried flagging down many a motorist, i actually contemplated at one point to perhaps show my legs, maybe it will make some guy stop and help me change my tyre in hope of getting lucky somewhere along the line.

i waited for several hours……………………

praying despite i always thought god never existed………………..

after a while i seen head lights behind me. i was happy but afraid, it could be someone to help me or someone to loot and rape me. you never know. in this day and age.

i got out of the car and i was totally shocked beyond words.

untill next time wasalaam


images headlights(3)


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