Al Haj Farouk Limbada

A smile that captured millions of hearts, a man of few word but character that spoke volunes. 

What a man….. 

Ever smiling ….

Down to earth….

We’re just a few words I heard whilst standing at his grave side.

I cannot be more please to have spent a day in his company two weeks ago.

I watched him get ready for jumuah and noticed him take every small sunnah into consideration that we so carelessly leave out. My daughter told me ” abiya that nana is smelling so nice”

I remember prior to me becoming a hafiz he lovingly used to address me as “Ali ber” but on completing my hifz he always made a point of calling me hafiz Ali.

On one occasion it was a family gathering and Zohar azaan had gone and we all made our way to the masjid, I remember my da was driving us to the mosque, nana was sitting in front and he noticed me coming towards the car, he at once got out of the front seat and insisted i sit there I began insisting he should, he said ” you have the Quran in your heart I will never sit infront of you”


at the graveside, things happen so swift, I saw the people starting to fill the sand I quickly rushed to get a chance when my turn had finally come the grave was already full, during the burial I calm wind blew subhallah, 

Nanas grave is directly under a tree subhanallah .

All I can say is WHAT A MAN !!!!


May Allah the family sabrun Jameel and bless them during this trying time Ameen thumma ameen  



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