Thank you scary much!!! Part 3

” hi is everything ok! Are you fine,?” He said, not knowing its me as yet.

“I’m ok just stranded”!! I added

“Oh hi madam how are you? Can I perhaps be of any assistance?” He said 

“Yeah I have a flat tyre and my battery is out so perhaps I could call the breakdown by using your phone,” I said 

“No need madam I gather you know not how to change a wheel? I shall change it for you” he said whilst smiling 

“God puts us in these situations so that we may remember him, you know” he said whilst loosening the wheel nuts 

“I don’t believe God exists” I said with a shiver in my spine

“So you never prayed to him whilst you found yourself in this dilemma ?” He said with his sarcastic smile 

“I must own up! I did pray and one point ” i told him. I felt my body get a huge hot flush at this point.

“And so you don’t believe that he has put it in my heart to stop when I saw your car on the side of the motorway, and understand that I did not know it was you?” 

“God has just answered your prayer despite you not believing in him” wow you must be some special kind of ignorant he said.

I was hurt when he called me ignorant, but needed his help so said nothing.

The tyre was repaired, “madam there you go, have a good evening, I’ve got to rush off my wife is probably worried  that why am I so late, still got cooking, washing ironing to do, she is very pre occupied these last few years so I try to help out” saying this he walked away

“Thank you thank you so much, Wait!!! Howmuch do I owe you”? 

He laughed and said ” offer your thanx to God” and so saying he sped off in his small car.

I took a slow drive home, pondering on what he was saying. 

He’s a total idiot, it’s coincidence that he stopped not my prayer,

Big Bang theory – evolution that pretty stranded infomation that makes total sense, Darwin was not an idiot, this guy is.

I mean he’s prophet had nine wives, one was underage too. Absurd!!!

I couldn’t believe such nonsense who’s prophet was a womanizer.

All this going on in my head as I substantiated my claim that no God existed. 

Phew!!!! What a day !!!!! 

Ali Ismail jogie  



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