Thank you scary much part 4

Peep !!!!!!! Peep!!!! Peep!!!!

Shew!!!!! 8:30am already I’m going to be late.

I hurry in the shower, quickly slip on some clothes and head off to court catching a coffee on the go, I arrive, park my car and ran up the flight of stairs, coming round the corner, and the worst thing happens!!!!!

BAMNN!!!! I bump into someone spilling all my coffee over him. 

“I’m sorry im sorry” he says 

I was furious and more furious when I noticed it the Bin laden dude.

“You freaken moron!!! What the hell is your problem???? Get the hell outa my way” I screamed 

” I’m sorry madam” he politely apologized 

“Is your car ok now?” He asked 

“EFF you” I blurted 

Before entering court I looked into my coffee cup hoping there was still half that I could sip up, realizing the whole thing had spilled, I quickly checked my blouse and realized it was not ruined at all. Then it hit me !!!!

That all the coffee has messed on him,

I didn’t give it much thought and headed into court.

Leaving court several hours later coming down the stairs, I saw a lot of, what seemed like official papers placed on the courts lawn with mini stones on them so that they don’t fly away, I went closer they all seemed to be soiled and left there to dry, I picked up one and it read: 


As I was about to read more, it was snatched from my hands.

“Sorry madam! These are private, I left them here to dry as they are important documents, I messed coffee on them” he said, I turned around it was bin laden.

I burst into tears and ran off to my car and sped off. 

 Till tomorrow…….salaams and tweet dreams hehehe 😄
Ali Ismail jogie 


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