No Rain……

“Moosa amongst your midst there is a person who has transgressed all the boundaries and sinned for 40 years, therefore I have held back the rains” 

Moosa AS gathers the people, makes the announcement ” Allah has said that’s amongst us there is a person who has sinned so much that Allah has made decision to hold back the rains because of this person, so please excuse yourself from us” 

Dead silence …………….. 

Everybody looking around…….. 

In our times we will look over our shoulder, perhaps nudge the brother next to us and say ” brother I think it’s you because you deal in this and that” 

The clouds began to gather and starts raining, ALLAHU AKBAR !!!!!

Moosa AS is shocked ” ya rabb no one has owned up and you are sending rain?? ” 

” at least tell me who is this person as what was his sin” 

” Moosa, I forbid you from gossip, how can I now disclose the faults of my slave who has repented” 
My ustaad mentioned ” there was not a frown on this persons forehead perhaps, he’s eyes did not water , he did not lift his hands, his lips did not move, but his heart was in total conversation with Allah, ” Ya Rabb if I cry or lift my hands or tear or move my lips these people with know it’s me, ya rabb pardon me ” Allah forgave him and the rain began to fall.

The salaatul istisqa today in out town of Carolina was captivation, emotional, everybody was there it was an amazing feeling of brotherhood, love and unity. 
May Allah bless our community, a increase our love Ameen 


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