Unity …..

Allah mentions : أنم المامنون اخوه  

For those of you that have studied basic Arabic, will know ان (ena) is used to lay stress, ” verily the believers are brothers unto each other” 

‘Verily’ is used by Allah, to show that Allah leaves no shadow of doubt, not maybe or perhaps! No Allah says verily ….  So brotherhood is synonymous with iman. Both go together.

You can’t say ” ya Allah grant me a child, grant me a child”, but you never got married, marriage, women and man go together to get a child.

Similarly, iman and brotherhood go together, now a days, you see your Muslim brother you look the other way, you enter the mosque, you don’t offer salaam, imagine, you stand next to each other in salaah yet outside you don’t talk to each other. 

So, if Allah says that you are brothers to each other because the common factor is Imaan, but you refute that via your akhlaaq and actions, so doesn’t that mean you have some lack of iman?? 

The Hadith of Nabi AS, something to the effect, if you don’t talk to your Muslim brother for three days, without a valid reason, your iman is questionable!! او كما قال 

So, here we see how the ayat ties up with the Hadith. 

Today, we have taken it one step ahead, our thinking is such that, who ever smiles at me, I will smile at them, whoever greets me I will greet them!!! 

What has happen to the ummah!!!! And then we question, why why why is this and that happening? It’s because we are divided. 

Abdullah bin ubay!!! Do you know who he was???? 

One of the greatest kaafirs (disbelievers) he brought iman falsely, a person that brings iman outwardly but within he’s heart of hearts knows he has not left he’s previous religion, is known as a munafiq, (hypocrite) 

Coming back to what we were saying… Abdullah bin ubay brought iman outwardly, what did the Nabi of Allah do???? Pay attention !!!!!!! Oh ummati of Mohammed 

Nabi AS embraced him, on the death of abdullah bin ubay, he’s some came forward. 

“Ya rasoolullah, my father has died please perform the janazah” he’s son was a true Muslim 

Nabi AS started getting ready to perform the salaah. 

Umar RA came forward ” ya nabiallah, what are you doing?” 

“I’m going to to perform this mans janazah” 

” don’t you know who he is ?” U mad said 

“Of course I do oh Umar” said our Nabi

” let me perform his janazah maybe Allah will forgive him” said our Nabi 

This mimbar that ulama sit on and deliver speeches that divide the ummah was not made for hate it was made for love. 

Burial time came, the body of abdullah bin ubay was put in the ground, Nabi saw ordered it be taken out, he asked them the sahaba to open the face, he took his saliva Mubarak, and placed it in the mouth of Abdullah bin ubay.

Later Allah informed Nabi AS, ” wether you read or you don’t read he will not be saved ” Nabi AS Said ” I read with hope that he be saved ”

Allah said ” oh my habib even if you read 70 times I will not save him” 

Nabi AS said ” if Allah said that if I had to read 70 times Allah would have forgave him, then I would have read he’s janaza 70 times”

This is what our Nabi done for a kaafir !!!!

But today, we are labeling Muslims as kuffaar!!!! 

Some have taken it so far , that they go to Makkah and medina and do not read behind the imams !!! Saying they are kaafir!!!! Naoozhubillah

Has my Allah become so weak, that he will place kuffaar on the musallahs of the greatest mosques of islam!!!!????? Where Islam came from!!!! 

Do some introspection. 

Sit down and think abit!!!! 

Life is short, be helpful to your fellow Muslim brother, judging is for Allah and Allah alone. Insan have no share in that  



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