About Me

Grew up on the Eastrand in the small town of Springs, schooled at various schools in that area, sought additional Islamic education at the institution of higher learning based in the Vaal namely MADRASAH MIFTAHUL ULOOM completed four out of 6 years of the Aalim course including HifZ ul Quran under the tutorship Of the great Aalim and spiritual mentor Hazat Sheikh Mufti Goolam Hasan Saheb DB, did basic computer skills courses, worked as administrator at Birha Developers CC, then worked at Capital Lounge Management Services and site manager for 8 long years.

Currently owner of a secondhand car dealership namely “PRO CARS” and Islamic tutor in the field of Quran memorization on a part time basis. And a simple servant of Allah

This humble servant request you to keep him in your duas insha Allah,
I hope that together with the jokes in the writtings, the lessons are taken out aswell.

السلام عليكم
أحقر علي ابن اسماعيل جوزي عفالله عنه


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